Pop-up Wall Beds for Hospitals

Dear Victorian Primary Health Networks, Operators and Department Heads,

As the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) remains a moving target for the Australian Government and Health Organisations we write to you as the supplier of ‘Pop-Up Wall Desk Bed’ configurations.

Our product facilitates an all-in-one work (desk) and sleeping (bed) configuration. Supply and installation is targeted within 3-5 weeks from order.

Please refer to the attachment for a brief overview.

Our Pop-Up desk-bed and Standard Wall Bed configurations can facilitate Fatigue-Rest and Revive polices for onsite staff and Medical Professionals.

They are an effective solution to manage extended onsite hours &/or potential restrictions imposed with regards to site access restrictions for some caregivers.

If you would like to discuss planning around these issues we would gladly consult with you via video conference or in person if deemed suitable.

Liz Haddick
Relationship Manager

M: 0423 239 767

P: 1300 888 974

E:  liz@thewallbedcentre.com.au